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Easter Message from the Chief Retail Officer – David Foster

28 Mar 2024

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Easter has come upon us so quickly since Christmas, and we continue to live in tumultuous times this year. Events locally and overseas have brought into focus how broken our world continues to be.

We live in a confused moment in history because so many people don't know how to answer life's most important questions: Who am I? What is moral? What is loving? How do I deal with guilt? What gives my life meaning? What happens when I die?

The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ offer sufficient answers to life's most important questions.

Easter means there is "Hope for Everyone." This hope is not just wishful thinking; it's a powerful, confident, and eager expectation that God is willing and able to forgive our past, give purpose to our present, and secure our future.

Easter is a celebration of a miraculous, historic event in a specific place at a specific time. It has been corroborated by eyewitnesses and others who were both followers of Jesus and voices of the secular culture. The resurrection really happened! Consequently, because he conquered death out of love for us, there is no problem his love cannot help solve, no conflict his love cannot overcome, no trial his love cannot support us through, and nobody his love cannot save. Easter is for everyone!

Thank you again for your custom with us and your grace in our times of struggle, and I pray that you all have a blessed Easter centred on our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

He Has Risen!

– David Foster, Chief Retail Officer of Koorong


David foster

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